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this is way too unsettling...i love it

Bro.. I Want More SIR lol...Great Game!

i saw "made by thorne baker" and immediately started singing bed bug. didnt know this dude was this talented

Such a scare and a very well-made game!!


I think I did a great job picking out the threats but not so good at dealing with them.. amazing game, super well made! 

This was a really sweet, creepy experience, it was so short, I usually am not for padding games but in this case I just wanted to stay longer in this strange, horrifying place :D

I think the only thing that’s missing are subtitles, since some of the voice overs are so muffled (which makes 100% sense within the story but is still hard to hear). I did my own subtitles for my lets play just so people don’t miss any detail because this really was a beauty. 

It's a follow, it's five stars, it's a heavy recommendation from me. 


i didn't know it was inspiered by mandela catalog 5/5 stars

Skinny dood go woosh.


It was good. The picture selection and lead up was good, but the walking around bit was too short.


A very lukewarm attempt of the analog horror genre.

The only good portion was the third picture selection, besides that it's pretty meh. The final walking part was poorly done and the audio distortions when the characters talk is more annoying than anything. Solid skip

nice that u got an opinion but u have no hoes


nice that u got an opinion but u have no hoes

I do not feel I'm properly prepared to face this threat. Think I'll let someone else handle it. This was a unique and interesting narrative style. I really liked it and the VHS visual effects were awesome. Keep up the great work! 

That Game Was Awesome...

The Training Video style was so well done! Would love to see more!

Full Play No Commentary 

un juego corto pero muy interesante, es increíble como 10 minutos de gameplay pueden dejarte con la piel helada con el contenido.

This was a really well done short horror experience. Looking forward to more from this developer!

It took me a little while to notice that this was a game inspired by The Mandela Catalogue. Even without knowing that from the start, it had me feeling uneasy the second the game started! This was extremely unsettling and I loved every second of it! Keep up the great work my dude!!!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

you must make more, great game and I hope you have good luck with the future 

This experience is a short yet perfect example of analog horror! Atmosphere and tone is the main focus and it's truly unsettling. Well done, dev! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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i hope this game have more "exercise" in game so we can more investige creepy case. 

love this game 😁😁

ps : oh... maybe if dev can take my opinion, my english so suck, and maybe there's lot players who cant listening and understand what conversation in game is. so maybe dev can add some subtitle for player like me in the future. Big thx :) 

Streaming this awesome game! Head over and watch me be a noob

This Is The 3rd Game Is This Video! 

Really nailed the feeling of analog horror with the training video portion. Loved everything about this and would be happy to play a full length game in this style.


100% loved the game I wish it was longer it keep me on constant edge I hate these types of horror lol I really enjoyed it and cant wait for more games by you :)

This game was pretty damn good for a short game, i loved the part where u play inside the vhs. Voice acting was amazing in this game, especially the conversation at the end with the cop, felt like i was listening to a real police call.


God damn this was good, pretty sad its just a small little itch game.
It executed everything beautifully and set a perfect atmosphere, story, and theme in the short little time it lasted. For basically a fan game of the Mandela Catalogue, it sets a unique little thing on its own. Honestly the Mandela Catalogue should learn a lot from this, the series is good but even Alex understands that he followed a lot of stereotypes with analog horror, and if there's anything he should learn off of this game is good. Anyway game is beautiful, keep making more awesome ones.

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I haven't played a horror game quite like Maple County before. It was deep and immersive. It's hard to believe it was so short! Really looking forward to an extended version! Great work thornebaker!


I bummed it was so short please make more if me wanting more does not tell you you did amazing than what does


One of the coolest things I've ever played from this website. Just plain unsettling, made me slightly paranoid while editing this video. The house segment actually kind of blew my mind. Everything about this is just so insanely cool. Fantastic work!
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great jobs

hot damn this was nice ... wish it was longer though cuz i got the jeebeez at the end of it ! hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me calling the people in the pics all kind of things :D

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I really loved the use of VHS effects.  The pictures of the faces and house were so creepy!

Was a really great game! Loved the concept and the style looked great too! I only wish it was a little longer haha

Super dope!

This is amazingly well done

amazing game

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