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Maple County has been faced with an unknown threat. This police training VHS tape prepares you for what you're about to face.

Published 13 days ago
AuthorThorne Baker
Tagsanalog-horror, First-Person, Horror, scary, vhs

Install instructions

Extract "Maple County.zip"

Double click "Maple County.exe"


Maple County.zip 561 MB


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Brilliant game, love the premise of the tape! 



This Game Is really unsettling...GREAT JOB!


Amazing Game! 

Can I download this on Mac? Is there a way to?

Left me speechless, amazing game all around, left me on the edge of my seat at the end.

This was so creepy, so well done! Love the reference to the mandela catalogue! Fantastic game! 

Somehow i can't download this on itch.io browser but fine with regular internet browser. This game makes me realize even just jarring images can be creepy as fuck.

I liked it, very much. I think you captured the analog horror aesthetics perfectly! Most of the time very spooky, somewhat funny in a couple moments. I made a video, it's in Russian.

Очень понравилось, записал видео на русском. Запилил русские субтитры для всего, что говорят, разбавил всё своими неуместными шутками:

don’t run. just smile and wave, act like you don’t notice their faces..

Maple County Disturbing Police Training Tapes...

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The atmosphere, mood, music on. fucking. point. it set the mood so good, the filters were also a good choice tho i think the filters were a bit too bright if u know what i mean. the fucking tape shit and everything, absolutely awesome made me def think like it was real. im sorry im writing this shit so long but the fact how u set the mood so good just makes me so excited, tho a bit sad it was so short. but man u have talent in this shit and makin music, def dont stop

Loved this game! Felt like the pace was great, though short, and really gave me an uneasy feeling. You gotta make more (aka take my money!)

In short: it's a very eerie game that you don't want to play alone in the dark but it definitely improves the atmosphere(you might say that this is true for every horror game, and that's true to some extent but this game just feels different).

Would I recommend it? For sure! 

It's not that long, probably around 10 mins depending on how fast you are choosing "who looks more like a threat" so you can go and try it for yourself.

If you want to see somebody else playing it, here's my video.

Take care!


This scary horror game actually made me scream!! - YouTube

Thoroughly impressed. I was waiting for something to jump out at me the entire time. I was on edge. This was very well made. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Very creepy. I love the visual effects and the unsettling way this is put together.

I also wasn't aware of the Mandela Catalogue before, thanks!

The game was pretty good and scary. Loved the feeling I had while playing it.

Btw, here is my video. I'm a random brazilian guy who likes to play indie horror games (gameplay in portuguese). 

Thanks for the game!

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Really enjoyed the second half of your game as I felt as it PERFECTLY captured the feeling of analog horror, especially in that form of POV. Though I wish the second half was longer, it still made me purchase a new pair of underwear. Well done!

(Note: It's the first game I play in the video).

Super creepy - I wish there was more to it! Hope to see more from you!

This game has no joke kept me up at night since I recorded this video for 2 nights in a row now.. that's a sign of a fantasticly terrifying game. Great job! 

Just sends chills down my spine!!

These games wreck my nerves bad great work on this.

I only have one issue with this game. It's a massive issue. 


Bringing the Mandela Catalogue further to life and making it interactive, genius. I can really see this being an opening to expand the lore on Mandela Catalogue just as many have done with FNAF. 

Great, GREAT JOB, Thorne Baker. 👏👏👏👏👏


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Uhhhh, what?

Deleted 3 days ago
Deleted 3 days ago

Scared the crap out of me. Good job 👍🏾 

This gameplay video says it all. So glad to find out about this.

Great short horror experience inspired by the Mandela Catalogue, there's an especially good transition in presentation part way through.

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This one is short sweet and to the point I enjoyed the VHS Aesthetic and I can't wait to see where this is all leading too 

An excellent game that had me wanting to beg for more! I wish this was a longer experience but that would be the only thing I would change. One of the best I've played :D

nothing is worth the risk nothing is worth the risk nothing is worth the risk 

Holy hell. I've been waiting for someone to make a game of this specific genre. This was extremely well done. I swear it's been a while since a game made me feel this uncomfortable in my own home.

Might be the best and the shortest horror game ever.


What a creepy short experience that was! I look forward to you guys expanding on that because I'm super confused and left wanting more! :) great job!!  The game is the 1st one in the video, starts at 0:40

That was amazing, really liked the game and story. 


I love the Mandela Catalogue and this game only brought me closer to the horror than the videos already were.

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Very spoopy! I'm an enjoyer for analog horrors honestly.

10/10 would recommend.

good game it's so creepy i love it
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